Raised in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, 

David Divad is a 25 year-old coast-to-coast singer-songwriter from New York. The Broadway bred, Colburn School/Berklee College educated talent trained with Julia Gregory for voice, and made a name for himself that is not just a palindrome, but a pal in all trades as a Producer, Songwriter, Music Director, Vocalist, and Pianist. 

In 2014, he teamed with Fernando Perdomo to co-produce his debut LP Healing Hands at Reseda Ranch Studios, released June 16, 2015. Recently listed at #44 on David Bash and PowerPopStew's best of 2015 list including albums by Tame Impala, Squeeze, Brian Wilson, and ELO. Divad defines his sound as "Spectrum Pop." A cocktail of Bowie n Jellyfish n Arcade Fire joined together with plenty of surprise and variety to spare.

In 2015, Divad performed at The IPO Festival (Los Angeles), The Troubadour, The Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, among other celebrated venues in LA. His "too big for this stage" band ranges anywhere from 8-11 instruments depending on which way the inspiration is blowing. Set-ups include a GuitArmy ensemble featuring four guitars, a "budget ELO" featuring a stellar string trio alongside a dynamite rock n roll ensemble, and "the funk party" with sax, trumpets and additional percussion.

Divad currently has two music videos in production and a single Golden Symphony that just released in April 2016. Stay tuned for tour details as well as the exciting follow-up to Healing Hands, tentatively titled In Memory of the Living.


Core Band Members

Vocals, Keys / Jesse David Corti
Guitar, etc. / AJ Absy
Bass / Chloe Babbes
Drums / Shaun Valentine

Guitar, Producer / Fernando Perdomo